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Media may refer to:




  • Media (communication), tools used to store and deliver information or data
    • Advertising media, various media, content, buying and placement for advertising
    • Broadcast media, communications delivered over mass electronic communication networks
    • Digital media, electronic media used to store, transmit, and receive digitized information
    • Electronic media, communications delivered via electronic or electromechanical energy
    • Hypermedia, media with hyperlinks
    • Mass media, all means of mass communications
    • Multimedia, communications that incorporate multiple forms of information content and processing
    • New media, a broad term encompassing the amalgamation of traditional media with the interactive power of computer and communications technology
    • News media, mass media focused on communicating news
    • News media (United States), the news media of the United States of America
    • Print media, communications delivered via paper or canvas
    • Published media, any media made available to the public
    • Recording medium, devices used to store information
    • Social media, media disseminated through social interaction
    • MEDIA Programme, a European Union initiative to support the European audiovisual sector


[edit]Fine art

  • Media (arts), materials and techniques used by an artist to produce a work


  • Median Empire, an ancient Iranian kingdom of the Medians (Medes) in north-western Iran

[edit]Life sciences




  • Medea, the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis in Greek mythology


  • RMS Media, a Cunard Line cargo liner in service 1948-61

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